Easy User Interface
If you can fill in the blanks, you can make coupons!

 With Coupon Builder® you don't have to learn HTML, or own complicated software. Everything is done "on-line" from any computer with Internet access! You can add or edit promotions from virtually anywhere!

When you fill in the blanks, Coupon Builder
® processes the information and returns a ready made coupon for your inspection. If you like it, keep it... If not, you can change it over and over. If you decide to keep it, Coupon Builder® will even notify you when it expires!

Loaded With Features
  • Absolute control -You can build, send, edit and manage your entire coupon listings in real-time.
  • NEW! Template creation - Offers you create can be re-used as templates for new offers. Makes building new offers incredibly easy. OEM clients can supply a set of "default" templates to help their underling accounts.
  • NEW! Category management - Allows you to create categories to better organize your offers.
  • NEW! Color controls - A new color picker allows you to choose exactly the right color combination you need. Enter your color code directly, or use the color slider to find a color.
  • Disable offers when necessary - Need to stop a promotion, but keep it for later? No problem!
  • Automated List Joining - Viewers of your coupons can join your distribution list automatically - or you can enter an address for them.
  • Instant Broadcast - Coupons are automatically e-mailed to your distribution list with the touch of a button.
  • Image Upload And Management - Upload your own artwork and images for your coupons.
  • Daily Usage Tracking - Daily coupon viewings at a glance.
  • New Control Panel Interface - All functions contained in a compact and powerful control panel.
  • Expired Coupon Notification - Automatic daily e-mail notification of any expired coupons.
  • NEW! Customer defined bar-code. The added security and convenience of dynamic bar-coding technology.
  • Uniformity - OEM customers can supply approved images and artwork, ensuring their underling accounts adhere to corporate uniformity and branding policies.
  • Ease of use - All controls are intuitive and simple to operate.
  • Coupon preview - The preview feature allows you to adjust each coupon prior to saving.
  • NEW! National and Regional management - Allows transparent insertion of promotional offer(s) across unlimited sales regions, or across the country in hundreds of accounts automatically.
  • Customization - You can add a logo image and change the colors or size of your coupons to match your website.
  • Reduced costs - E-mail is less expensive than using printed materials.
  • Reduced waste - Unlike printed coupons, mistakes can be corrected instantly.
  • Accessibility - The coupon management system can be accessed from any Internet connection.

Content And Branding

  Anyone can send direct e-mail. The number of companies leveraging the power of direct e-mail is growing everyday. To be effective, an e-mail message must be attractive and compelling. It's what's in your direct e-mail message that matters most. Ever heard the phrase "content is king"? A text e-mail that merely describes your product offer is dull and does little to entice customers to act.

Remember, coupons are successful for a reason... they work. Coupons look like they do for a reason... they work. Coupon Builder
® enables any business to send attractive and compelling coupon promotions to their customer base. Promotions that not only invoke a response from the customer, but also help reinforce the corporate brand image. Why send anything less? You can start building yours today! Email us at sales@couponbuilder.com

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